Bishop E. L. GalesSenior Pastor


Bishop E. L. Gales is the Senior Pastor of 'The Lord's Tabernacle PHCOC', and also the Chief Apostle & Presiding Bishop of the 'Pentecostal Holiness Church of Christ' ®.  He grew up as a 4th generation Pentecostal, first under Pastor G. R. Hickey Sr., and later Pastor E. Thomas Jr.  In the mid-1980's Sister A. J. Banks (daughter of Pastor J. Davis) publicly prophesied, in a revival service, that he would become a Bishop by God's will.


He held services, from ages 2 until 13, preaching in the neighborhood.  He got saved at age 14 under Bishop J. D. Dillingham, in May 1992, and received the Holy Ghost 3 days later.  God called him to preach in 1997, at age 19, and he attended 'Pittsburgh Theological Seminary'.  'The Angel of the Lord' visited him in 1998, 2006, and 2010.

In May 2006 Pastor T. Tillman Sr. publicly anointed and Ordained Minister E. L. Gales to the office of Prophet and appointed him the Men's Sunday School teacher and a Bible Study teacher.  In August 2006 he began traveling preaching as an Evangelist, studied at 'Harty Bible School' and 'Solid Rock School of Ministry', was Ordained Elder in November 2006, and trained by District Superintendent E. Thomas to be a Pastor.

Sunday April 15, 2007, Elder E. L. Gales opened 'The Lord's Tabernacle' and was installed as Senior Pastor upon the approval of District Superintendent E. Thomas Jr.   Fourteen attended service.  Pastor E. L. Gales, as Founder, was unanimously accepted to be our God-chosen and Ordained Bishop and our Chief Apostle, and made official on May 18, 2007 by laying on of hands, then Baptism.  In July he began training for the (Presiding) Bishopric by Bishop R. D. King Sr., Bishop W. Smith Jr., and Dr. V. L. Tate.


At age 29, in August 2007, he was publicly Consecrated to the office of Bishop by laying on of hands, and installed as Presiding Bishop of the PHCOC.  This 2nd ceremony took place in McKees Rocks, PA. led by both the Presiding Bishop and the 1st Assistant Prelate of the ‘Pentecostal Assemblies of Christ’ upon approval of the 'College of Bishops'.  His succession traces to Bishop C. P. Jones and Bishop C. H. Mason, and the Azuza revival.  Churches joined PHCOC in 8 U.S. States, Philippines, India, and Kenya.


In 2010, Bishop E. L. Gales was publicly Ordained into the highest office in God's church - the office of Apostle - at age 31 by other Apostles and Prophets in a service held in East Liberty at ‘The Lord’s Tabernacle’.  As the Chief Apostle he ordained 7 Bishops, personally founded churches in 3 states, received 4 Honorary Doctorates of Divinity, and a Bible School Teacher Certification.  He completed a 5th cover-to-cover study of the KJV Bible, studies for hours every day, and has studied the Word of God all his life.

In this time he’s met and shared pulpits of/with Bishops such as Bishop Paul Morton, Bishop Jesse Gavin, Bishop Stan Smith, Bishop Hezekiah Walker, and others.  He’s met State Representatives, NAACP Presidents, politicians, and volunteered for ‘The Coalition for Fathering Families’ and ‘Amachi Pittsburgh’.  He’s preached in churches nationwide, radio, our broadcast 'Heaven Bound' on PCTV and Cornerstone, YouTube, teaches Sabbath School, Bible Study, and preaches true Biblical Holiness and Sanctification.


Apostle E. L. Gales has ordained Elders, Pastors, Bishops, and Apostles.  He is used by God by laying of hands to save souls, heal countless sick people, cast out devils, tear down strongholds, causing the blind, the lame to walk, the dumb to speak, baptizing the Saints in the Holy Ghost (tongues), delivering the afflicted.  He leads prayer, prison, street, hospital and nursing home ministries, feds and shelters the homeless, working the signs of an Apostle of Jesus Christ.  His first love is winning souls to the Kingdom of God.  He's a true Holiness Preacher and Pastor after God's heart, truly ‘Heaven Bound’


The Lord's Tabernacle:  founded Sunday April 15, 2007 by Bishop E. L. Gales.  (All Rights Reserved).