Church History


The Lord's Tabernacle PHCOC is the headquarters church of the Holiness denomination 'Pentecostal Holiness Church of Christ' ®, where Bishop E. L. Gales is the Pastor of the local church, and Chief Apostle and Presiding Bishop of the denomination.  We identify as Apostolic-Holiness Oneness-Pentecostals.  God gave the vision to begin the church to Bishop E. L. Gales on Wednesday August 16, 2006, while he was yet preaching as an Evangelist and an Ordained Elder.  Finally, on February 13, 2007, he and young Deacon C. F. Williams began to establish and open a church and a Holiness-Pentecostal denomination of Sanctified Saints.  Per Biblical order, the 'Pentecostal Holiness Church of Christ' ® is an autocephalous autocratic church denomination governed by the Episcopal leadership and authority of Bishops and God.

The vision given by God became a reality when on Sunday April 15, 2007 The Lord's Tabernacle held it's very first service in its first home at 801 N. Negley Avenue (the building formerly Union Baptist Church) in Highland Park.  14 others were present as Elder E. L. Gales became Pastor E. L. Gales - and Senior Pastor. Minister-in-Training C. F. Williams was appointed Interim Assistant Pastor.  Also present to open the church were Deacon G. E. Aston Sr., Mother M. R. Aston, Mother M. E. Dixon, Minister M. Sturdivant (keyboards), Deacon N. B. Gales Sr., other former Pastors and guests, and others.  This was all done with the blessing support, and help of Distict Superintendent E. Thomas Jr. of COGIC.  Sunday services and Wednesday Bible Studies were held here, and the church grew much.  The following month Pastor E. L. Gales was publicly and officially elevated to the office Bishop, and installed as Presiding Bishop of our Denomination.  A later ceremony was done in McKees Rocks by Presiding Bishop R. D. King, Bishop W. Smith Jr., and the 'College of Bishops' of the 'Pentecostal Assemblies of Christ.'


Bishop E. L. Gales and the church relocated in July 2007 to the brand new 300-seat downstairs state-of-the-art auditorium of the Homewood Library (at 7101 Hamilton Avenue), simultaneously maintaining Wednesday Bible Study at our Highland Park building.  During this time the church added and expanded to include radio ministry on the 3 Sheridan Broadcasting stations (WAMO-FM, WAMO-AM, and WPGR), Television broadcasts ('Heaven Bound' on PCTV21 and Cornerstone TV), street ministry, hospital ministry, prison ministry, Internet ministry, started baptism services, a strong core of vocalists, marriage ministry, ministry feeding and sheltering the homeless and hungry, food bank, job placement and training programs, a Bible School, broadcasts on YouTube, and more.

In February 2008 the church relocated again to East Liberty (130 S. Whitfield Street) for the next 6 years, minus a 1 year temporary move to the Hill District.  In the Hill District (2621 Centre Avenue) the church added Sunday School and Sunday Prayer to the Sunday Worship, and full services on Tuesday and Friday nights.  It was here the denomination become an International church, with 75 churches in 8 U.S. states, India, and the Philippines.  Returning to East Liberty in 2010 Bishop Gales was publicly Ordained as Apostle E. L. Gales as our Bishop was elevated to the highest office in God's church - the office of Apostle - and our Chief Apostle.  In March 2014, the church moved to 550 S. Negley Avenue and experienced phenominal attendance and growth, and packing out nearly every Sunday and Tuesday.  In December 2016, the church returned to its East Liberty location on Tuesdays and Saturdays, and added a second church in Edgewood.

The Lord continues to bless and add to our church, and MANY, MANY miracles have and are publicly done:  sick bodies healed, demons cast out, blinded eyes opened, those unable to walk could now walk, people baptized both in water and filled with the Holy Ghost, the dumb begin to speak, strongholds torn down, addictions ended, the bound delivered, and souls saved.  On fire for God, this church is a city on a hill.  The Lord's Tabernacle PHCOC is a church on the move, meeting the people where they're at and meeting their needs - spiritually and naturally - focused on doing the perfect will of God, winning souls to the body of Christ, and the Kingdom of God.  We are a church where the Word of God and Holiness are preached, taught, and lived, and souls are saved and Heaven Bound.


The Lord's Tabernacle:  founded Sunday April 15, 2007 by Bishop E. L. Gales.  (All Rights Reserved).