A Free Church - Declaration (Acts 5:29)

In light of various laws and bills being passed, and attempted to pass, in the United States, we in the 'Pentecostal Holiness Church of Christ' ®, the headquarter church 'The Lord's Tabernacle PHCOC', the 'PHCOC College of Apostles and Prophets', and affiliates make the following declarations ALL in agreement with the Word of God (Holy King James Bible), our doctrine, our by-laws, our statement of faith, our constitution, and Chief Apostle:



According to God, the Creator of humans, marriage, and sex, and His Word (the King James Bible ONLY) in Genesis 1:27, Genesis 2:18-24, Ephesians 5:22-32, 1Corinthians 7:2-5, 1Corinthians 11:3 & 11:8-9, 1Peter 3:1-6, and Titus 2:3-5 God made the human race with ONE MAN and ONE WOMAN, and when He created marriage and sex God created marriage and sex to be between ONE MAN and ONE WOMAN.  Secular government and false "churches" have committed what God calls ABOMINATION allowing deviance from this which the Bible clearly states is SIN & acts which God HATES according to Genesis 19:4-13 & 19:24-25, Leviticus 18:22, 1Corinthians 6:9-10, Romans 1:18-32, Psalm 5:5 & 11:5, Romans 3:3-4, and Revelation 21:8.

We will obey GOD and not man (Acts 5:29).  We're in the world but not of this world, according to John 17:14-16, and 1John 2:15-17.  We will uphold marriage according to God's perfect will as ONLY being between ONE MAN (biologically born male) and ONE WOMAN (biologically born female).  We will ONLY perform THESE weddings and ONLY recognize and ONLY acknowledge such as MARRIAGE, in monogamy ONLY.  We will never accept nor condone nor acknowledge anything else (two men, two women, transgenderism, polygamy, bestiality, adult & child, incest, etc...) regardless of what laws government, courts/judges, or humans may pass.  We're commanded by God to abide by the order God set and ordained and will always do so.


God commanded in Ephesians 5:23-30 that Christ alone is the head of the church, we belong to Him alone, and we are subject to Him ONLY.  Our denomination and churches will ALWAYS be such and obey God and His Word ONLY.  We are not incorporated for profit. We do not have a 501(C)(3) from the IRS.  We're strictly a spiritual/religious church and churches under the sole authority of God for the purpose of Pastoring, evangelizing, and preaching/teaching the Word of God for the winning of souls for the Kingdom of God, and fellowship/worship with other Saints.  We are not open to the public.  We're a private assembly of Saints who encourage all others to repent, to join our churches, and follow the Apostles' doctrine (Acts 2:42).





The Bible tells us in the Ten Commandments that we are not to kill, Jesus says that His Kingdom is not of this world and while we are in this world we are not of this world so we are to be peacemakers, and God tells us not to render evil for evil nor avenge ourselves because vengeance is His (Exodus 20:13, Matthew 5:5-12, John 17:14-16, John 18:36, and Romans 12:19-21).  We are not to love this world neither the things in it (1John 2:15-17).  Therefore it is against the will of God and the Word of God to participate in any wars, killing, murders, assassinations, taking or ending any lives, violence of any type, assisting in taking a life, nor voting for ungodly political leaders in any types of elections or voting processes on any levels, and not to participate in serving on any jury outside of a church setting (1Corinthians 6:1-8).  We are not to strengthen the hands of evil nor help anyone in any way to do wrong to others or do things against the Word of God to others, but to love our neighbors and do good to all people (Matthew 5:43-48, Mark 12:30-31, Romans 13:14).  God and God alone is the giver and sustainer of life and He alone has power to take it.  We will not go to any war.




God has commanded in His Word (Bible; Holy Scriptures) that we are to use physical punishment as a form of discipline on children when they are disobedient to their parents and/or guardians.  God explicitly states in His Word that we are to beat them and to do so with the rod of correction, for a parent who doesn't actually hates their child but the parent who does loves them; that beating them drives foolishness and evil from their hearts and delivers their soul from destruction.  This is a God-given right and command from God.  Regardless of any laws of bills passed by government, courts, judges, etc... we retain & use our God ordained right to beat our children (Proverbs 13:24, Proverbs 23:13-14, Proverbs 22:15, Hebrews 12:8).



Both the Old Testament and New Testament both give commands for church leaders to openly and publicly rebuke those who are in sin as well as examples of other men of God doing this to both the church and especially those in or being removed from leadership positions in the church.  We are to make it known that these leaders have gone astray and that they are no longer permitted to operate or function in any church until they have publicly repented before the church.  We are to rebuke them before all and rebuke them sharply as commanded by God in His Word.  We retain our ecclesiastical authority to rebuke those who we out-rank (1Timothy 5:19-20, Titus 1:10-16, Proverbs 27:5, 2Timothy 4:2-4, Jeremiah 6:11, Isaiah 58:1).



Jesus Christ and Him alone is sovereign over the church and the only Head of the church and the law of God - the Holy King James Bible - is the only authority that the church is subject to and is to be shepherded only by those men whom God has ordained as the Apostles and Pastors of the congregation.  The church is not subject to the government nor the laws of man, especially when those laws are in contradiction to the Word of God or would cause us to sin against God - we are HIS people, the sheep of His pasture and the church is His.  The church pledges obedience to God alone. (Acts 5:29, Galatians 1:10, Ephesians 5:23-27, Psalm 100:3, Daniel 3:16-18, Mark 11:17).  Our church is under ONLY the authority of LORD God.



Sincerely in Christ Jesus,

His Eminence The Most Reverend
Bishop E. L. Gales; D.Div.
Chief Apostle & International Presiding Bishop of 'Pentecostal Holiness Church of Christ' ®
Senior Pastor of 'The Lord's Tabernacle PHCOC' (headquarters; U.S.A.)


The Lord's Tabernacle:  founded Sunday April 15, 2007 by Bishop E. L. Gales.  (All Rights Reserved).