An invitation to you to come join us from our Pastor
Bishop E. L. Gales


Numerous God-inspired writers in the Bible - the Apostles Paul and John, the Prophets Daniel and Ezekiel and Isaiah - spoke of the end-times and the last days.  If we look in the news and the world around us it is very apparent that we are living in those very times and that Bible prophesy and the Bible itself - the Word of God - is being fulfilled and proven true.

My entire life it had not only been prophesied that I would become a Pastor and an Apostle/Bishop, but God Himself continued to speak and reveal this to me all throughout my childhood into adult life.  In April 2007 God had myself and 14 others open His church - The Lord's Tabernacle.  We are a Oneness 'Holiness-Pentecostal' church, Sanctified Saints of God.

As the Bible tells us there would be a great falling away, many leaving the faith, a famine in the land (for the Word), and many have itching ears turning from the truth in favor of fables and lies and false teachers.  And God told us in these times to exhort the church to earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the Saints.  We MUST be Holy!

The mission of The Lord's Tabernacle PHCOC is to restore and proclaim the standard of Holiness and Sanctification, to increase people's faith in God, feed the lambs and sheep who belong to Jesus Christ, to do greater works, to go to the highways and hedges compelling them to come, and to put the brethern in remembrance of these things.  Holiness is still right!

The Lord our God, Christ Jesus, is a Holy God who commands us to be Holy.  Through the Word of God and power of The Holy Ghost we are able to be Saved, Sanctified and have Eternal Life with Him.  Myself, my wife Lady G, and the church invite you to join us. "Repent, for the Kingdom is at hand".  Stand on the wall.  We want to live in a building not made by hand.

The Most Reverend,
Bishop E. L. Gales  (Senior Pastor & Founder of 'The Lord's Tabernacle') and

First Lady R. R. Gales

Hebrews 12:14  Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord:


The Lord's Tabernacle:  founded Sunday April 15, 2007 by Bishop E. L. Gales.  (All Rights Reserved).